Why Learning through Audio Works Retention of Information by Listening

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Podcasting has received the seal of approval of research-based studies because of podcast’s unique characteristics as a communication channel. Here are the top 4 reasons why podcast works for brand recall, market awareness and thought leadership according to research:

Visual + Audio = Better Memory Retention

One mode of communication is often enough for our brain to achieve memory retention but combining two modes makes communication and retention even better. Studies show that our recall is better achieved when the memory is created through more than one mode of communication. The more stimuli are involved, such as pictures and sounds, the more active our brain becomes and the more memorable the podcast topic becomes. Podcasts offer the variation that is much needed for retention.

Pitch and Tones Matter

A University of Chicago research also suggests that we perceive communication in two different ways. At first we hear what is said to us but we give up to five times more importance to how it is said to us. A test was done in a classroom to see how students benefit from pitch and tones. Results show that students learn better when taught through appropriate vocal functioning. Podcasts are produced to maximise the full potential of vocal projection.

Repetition Works Under the Right Conditions

Cognitive and educational psychology demonstrates that spacing repeated encounters with a material over time produces superior long-term recall and learning. This is compared to repetitions that are massed together in a short period of time. Podcasts work well because the release of episodes can be timed for maximum effect and exposure.

Personal and Mobile

Podcasts create a very personal and intimate relationship. Hearing a person’s voice talking to you creates a very intimate conversation that encourages attention and makes listeners become more receptive to messages. Combine this with the ease of accessibility, the increase in mobility and effortless subscription- podcasts work across different industries and purposes.

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