Podcasts may belong to hundreds of topics, genres or niches but almost all podcasts belong to a small number of podcast types or formats. Match your podcasting strengths, preferences and skills with the format that best fits your podcasting content and target listeners.

Here are just three podcasting formats and samples to take inspiration from:



A very intimate podcast format, where on most of the episodes, you are the sole speaker to your listeners. It is the perfect format for podcasters, who want to offer their unique points of view or opinions about their selected topic.

Pros: requires less moving parts, just yourself, your content.
Cons: you alone carry the burden of keeping the content and discussion flowing

Solution: prepare a set of talking points, rich with segues and a structured outline

Samples of Solo Podcasts
The Sales Catalyst, Neil Osborne shares his sales growth strategies accumulated from over 30+ years experience in the industry



The value of your podcast increases when you have guests come in to act as resource persons to your topic. Interviewing experts lends to the podcasts credibility as they add their own input and value to your audience

Pros: guest experts lend credibility and can fill the gap between what you know and what your listeners want to hear
Cons: logistics and scheduling constraints may slow down the production process

Solution: use technology, video conferencing apps like zoom or skype allow guests to be present virtually

Samples of Interview Podcasts

No Limitations, interviews with CEOs and industry leaders allow listeners to hear conversations with some of the movers and shakers of Australia and the rest of the world

A Point of View, conversations with guests who triumphed over anxiety, depression and other mental health issues


Multiple Hosts

A potentially lively podcasting format, where you interact with two or more hosts. Hosts can support each other and keep the conversation lively, insightful and diverse.

Pros: several hosts can bounce off each other’s ideas, engage in light banter or deep
Cons: hosts have personalities and skill sets that may outshine, outpace or overwhelm another

Solution: assign a mediator or referee role to one of the hosts to act as a moderator

Samples of Interview Podcasts

Roosters Radio, three hosts discussing the Sydney Roosters’ games with players and officials. Each host with their own take on performances, analysis and results

Radio Stingray, a panel of hosts and their guests representing the Maritime Union of Australia.

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