Are you about to choose your podcast topic? It’s not enough to base your choice on what you want, what you know or what you are passionate about – you should also consider what your listeners want.

Here are some of the most important questions you need to answer:

What do your listeners want?

These can be solutions to a problem, answers to a question, in depth information on an interesting topic or an outlook for the future. Your listeners also want to have your personal or professional opinion on the topic, one that cannot be accessed elsewhere in the digital world.

How can you relate it to your brand or business?

Create content that will make your listeners turn to you, your products or your services. Instead of a boring narration of your prices, packages or promotions, offer them content that is valuable on its own.

What will make them choose your podcast?

Unless you choose a very specific podcasting niche, chances are someone else may already have published a similar podcast. Make your podcast stand out by making it unique. Have a fresh perspective on an old topic. Discuss pain points that are rarely addressed. Share new trends or best practices that are yet unknown. Personalise a podcast with your unique character.

Make every podcast episode a process of striking the right balance between your and your listeners’ interests, between what you want to share and what your listeners want to know and between what your business objectives are and what your listeners need.

Check out how RadioHub creates the perfect balance for aspiring and experienced podcasters.

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