What Makes a Great Podcast Script

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The best podcasts are those that have conversations that sound fluid, unrehearsed and spontaneous. Behind the scenes though, podcasts are carefully thought of, well-planned and structured to achieve podcasting objectives, which includes sounding conversational. The key to making this popular and well-received conversational style is a podcast script.

We’ve often heard about using scripts to guide hosts and guests. Unlike other scripts- podcast scripts are not meant to be read in verbatim but more as discussion points. What exactly is in a podcast script?

Intro music (and outro music at the end of the podcast)

These are musical backgrounds, often called music beds, jingles, sound effects that can set the tone or mood of your podcast.


This is a monologue, often used to welcome listeners, introduce the podcast, the host/s and talk about the profile of guest/s.


The first segment is the crucial one because it is meant to make listeners curious and to hold their attention. On this segment, you provide an overview of the topic while avoiding details, jargons and technical terms to keep the general listener interested. The succeeding segments are reserved to detail the related sub-topics.


Segues are used to bridge one topic to another. A brief recap of the preceding sub-topic and then relating it to the succeeding sub-topic is a good way to segue. Phrases such as “in relation to that, moving forward, on a similar topic” can also be used to transition from one topic to another.


Another monologue, this time to summarise the podcast discussions, thank the guests for their participation, call the listeners to action such as rating the podcast, sharing it on their social media or visiting a sponsor’s website.

Here is an outline, arranged in order of how they are recorded, which you can use as inspiration when you develop your own:

Opening Musical
Segment 1
Segue 1
Segment 2
Segue 2
Segment 3
Closing Musical

RadioHub can help you create a well-scripted podcast complete with professionally made background music, stagers, transitions, intros, outros and other elements that add value, refine the flow and increase effectiveness.

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