RadioHub is offering you a backstage pass to discover the tricks of pro podcasters to making the perfect podcast. Have you ever wondered what happens behind every flawless recording? Can you figure out how we make conversations as smooth and as seamless as they are? What preparations can you to make yourself ready for your podcast?

Years of podcast productions and interactions with hosts and guests allow us to share with you the best practices in preparing for a podcast. Here are the top 5 tips that will help you create your best podcast.

Tip 1: Warm Up

Infuse energy into your voice by physically warming up and lifting your mood. Listen to upbeat music. Assume victory or power poses. Say a few tongue twisters. Do some body stretching or low intensity exercises. These actions stimulate blood flow and adrenaline to power you through the podcast.

Tip 2: Know Your Guests

If you have guests, establishing rapport is crucial to create a smooth and spontaneous conversation. Research their LinkedIn profile, browse through their social media feeds or blogs or Google any noteworthy news, articles and interviews about them. Use any shared interest to connect and to break the ice.

Tip 3: Talk Chitchat

Engage in small talk before the recording. This exercises your facial muscles, jaw and vocal cords. When you chitchat, you also get to break the ice and establish rapport, which is especially useful if you are in a panel or interviewing a guest. You can do away with the initial awkwardness and have your first minutes of the podcast sound more relaxed and comfortable.

Tip 4: Hydrate Well

Relax your voice and vocal cords even further by drinking a glass of water around 20 to 30 minutes before you are on air. Make sure that water is at room temperature as cold water can contract your cords resulting to a stiff muscles and a tensed sounding voice.

Tip 5: Use Talking Points

Instead of using scripts that can box in your conversation and make it sound rehearsed, talking points are a better alternative. Spontaneity is a key factor in podcasting, creating a more natural conversation flow. Develop talking points or speaker notes that can help you stay on message but still allow for exploration of related ideas.

Preparation goes a long way and results to an even better podcast. At RadioHub, we go beyond simply recording your podcast. We add value to our services by working with our hosts and guests every step of the way, not just during recording. Whether you are beginner or a seasoned podcaster, RadioHub is with you before, during and even after your podcasting.

Want more podcasting tips? Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Tricks of the Podcasting Trade coming out soon.

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