Featured Podcast of the Week

The Sales Catalyst by Neil Osborne

Business, brand and financial reality are transformed with The Sales Catalyst podcast- this month’s featured podcast! Each episode offers listeners practical strategies and tips to develop a more effective and persuasive approach to sales. From handling sales objections, territory planning to prospecting- The Sales Catalyst has got you covered!


Neil Osborne is a seasoned sales strategist and sales growth expert. With over 30+ years of experience in the industry. His insights and wisdom are invaluable in the $5 billion Australian hair and beauty market. His refreshing perceptive and honest approach in sales are positively received by sales teams, brand mentors and podcasters.

Podcast Overview

Not telling but asking and listening- these skills are at the core of The Sales Catalyst podcast. Each episode equips you with the tools to help you move a conversation from a doubtful start to a positive Yes! The series includes topics on:

  • How are you going to get people to talk to you,
  • Handling sales objections – the rule of 3,
  • Buying signals, closing a sale, prospecting,
  • Cold calling and keeping them warm

Each episode offers listeners strategic, timely and most importantly actionable information in the form of discussions and Q&A follow up with the audience. Listeners get to enjoy the casual yet informative conversations, the humorous yet wise anecdotes and the unique yet practical approaches to sales.

RadioHub is proud to partner with The Sales Catalyst and its host Neil Osborne in supporting entrepreneurs and sales professionals grow their business and expertise.

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