With organisations now widely dispersed across various geographical locations and time zones, internal communications are more important than ever. Maintaining company culture, creating new norms for the workplace and ensuring the security of sensitive information are just a few of the many reasons why internal communications strategies are being implemented across organisations and industries.

Once organisations establish its internal communication processes, the next step is to deploy the technology from which its internal comms can be launched, secured and rolled out to team members.

How can an organisation select the best platform for them? Here are features that organisations look for when choosing an internal comms platform:

Can your team members easily find, use and maximise this platform?

What kind of resources, including time, effort and involvement are needed by the platform?

What features can protect company property from unauthorised access?

Consumption Analytics
What data can the platform provide the organisation to monitor and improve communication efforts?

RadioHub offers state-of-the-art solutions that tick all the boxes of a great internal comms platform. RadioHub provides technologies that are fully-customisable to match your organisation’s needs.

Using RadioHub, your team members, wherever they are located or whichever time zone they are in, can easily access company communiques, whether they use their desktop computers or mobile devices.

You can make the most out of your company messages when RadioHub efficiently transforms them into a variety of formats.We can help facilitate anything from a traditional memorandum to an audio recording, a green screen video, real-time data or feedback collecting polls and more.. The possibilities are endless.

Unlike mainstream communication platforms, RadioHub offers true security by allowing organisations to easily add, manage, view or disable users from accessing company communications. This is especially useful for employees who are moving from one position to another or who are exiting the organisation.

With RadioHub solutions, organisations can tell exactly who listened to key communications, if and where they dropped off, and who completed it. This kind of reporting is invaluable when sharing company-wide versus role-specific content, for training monitoring and compliance requirements.

Contact RadioHub and find out how you can streamline your internal communication strategies and processes for your organisation.