Podcasting from home may not be ideal but with the right set up, you will sound like you are recording from an actual studio. Create high quality audio for your listeners from the comfort and safety of your home by partnering with RadioHub in setting up your podcasting home studio.

Save yourself from the worries of finding the right equipment, using the right software, designing the right assets and distributing your podcast when RadioHub delivers all of these right to your doorstep.

Here is how RadioHub transforms a small space in your home into a professionally built studio:


RØDE Procasters are the favourite among podcasters because of its performance in top quality recording via multitrack sessions to either your computer or SD card. This console is preferred by a number of podcast producers around the world due to its functionality, making recording shows easier and yielding better results.


RadioHub audio engineers not only set up the equipment you need but also lay out the interiors to make it as soundproof as possible. From something as simple as lining hard surfaces to avoid unwanted noises to padding to installing easy-to-remove sound absorbing panels, you can simulate the environment of a professional studio.


Artwork, transcription, shownotes, intros, outros and audiograms- select any number from these assets and engage your listeners with a complete podcasting suite.


Maximise the potential of your recording with a variety of editing techniques. RadioHub polishes raw recordings and creates a master audio file. Instead of dead air, filler words, unwanted noise and recording errors, you have modulated voices, consistent pacing and crisper sounds.


RadioHub producers can create virtual meeting rooms and coach you as you record. This is especially important for first time podcasters who are recording their first few episodes. Get professional advice and insider tips on how to make the best out of each recording. RadioHub producers can offer you everything you need to know and do before, during and after recording.

Set up your own home studio and start podcasting!