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Radio Stingray
2019 Australian Podcast Awards Finalist

Congratulations to Radio Stingray- this month’s featured podcast and a finalist to the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards! The Awards recognise the quality and breadth of podcasts and celebrates the contribution of Radio Stingray to Career and Industry.

Radio Stingray is a fortnightly podcast brought to you by the Maritime Union of Australia – Sydney Branch. Utilising the latest platforms in media to communicate between it members, it continues the legacy of generations of maritime workers as a militant and progressive union.

The podcast is designed to be entertaining and informative with industrial rounds, reports by Officials and rank and filers, campaign updates, upcoming events, and special features. Bringing news and information from a working class perspective on matters important to workers in Sydney, Australia and the rest of the world.

Podcast Overview

Radio Stingray brings the fight for seafarers, dockworkers and maritime workers around the globe to the digital world of podcasts. From unfair wages, unlawful terminations, waterfront safety to stories from the docks, picket lines and around the world, Radio Stingray updates listeners with the latest industry news.

Some of their latest and most notable topics and episodes are:

  • Fighting to Change the Rules
  • Liverpool Dockers
  • EAs and Disputes
  • Waterfront Safety
  • The Fight for Australian Seafarers


Listeners are able to tune in and listen to the people who are in the forefront of the fight for maritime workers’ rights.  From stevedores, seafarers, organisers and international guests – each guest brings their own stories to tell and passion to share.

Listen about the latest and future of maritime workers in Australia only at Radio Stingray.

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