Private Podcasts and the New Workplace

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Private Podcasts and the New Workplace

As the world is shifting to the new normal, the workplace is now answering the call for keeping its team safe while still maintaining communication. With social distancing measures in place and physical meetings discouraged, new technologies for internal communication are now proving their worth in the workplace.

Minimises Disruption and Improves Engagement

Instead of pausing work just to attend a meeting, which usually takes up prime time working hours, private podcasts give your team the flexibility to access communication when it is convenient and efficient for them. A private podcast can be accessed at any place and any time, like while driving into work, walking the dog, or cooking. This strategy enables employees to connect with an on-demand platform.

Achieves True Security

Private podcasts have customisable parameters to retain the security of your internal communication. Set a specific duration of availability, limit only to certain personnel in your team, revoke access to a terminated employee and more; private podcasts allow you to open as well as compartmentalise your communication as needed.

Creates Targeted Content

Package your communications and make them accessible to every or specific members of the team whether they are targeted per department, location or job role. Every message you develop can be made as specific as needed without the risk of alienating listeners.

Encourages Accountability and Ensures Compliance

While other podcast platforms can only track the number of times your internal communication was played, private podcasts generate engagement analytics. This reporting allows you to know exactly which team members played it, if they listened to the entire podcast or where they stopped. Listeners can also submit questions and tag the exact moment in an episode where they had a question.

Builds a Hub of Resources

Every podcast you record slowly but surely becomes a hub of resources that is organised, valuable and accessible. Your internal comms can create or supplement company on-boarding, training materials, compliance processes, feedback mechanisms and other SOPs.

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