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Power Up Your Business

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Featured Podcast of the Month

Power Up Your Business

In this podcast series, extraordinary stories of success are shared by tradies who have transformed their tradie careers into profitable businesses. Those looking for efficiencies in their systems, for breakthroughs in their operations and for inspiration in their entrepreneurial lives will find value in RadioHub’s featured podcast of the month. Hear from tradies who talk about the mistakes they made, the lessons they have learnt, and how they finally earned more, worked less and created great lives for themselves and their families.

Hosted by Matt Jones

Matt Jones, founder of Cube Performance, is a consultant with over 20 years’ experience owning and operating business. A former tradie himself, he has a passion for helping people to achieve their business targets and achieve their performance potential. He has worked with plumbers, cleaners, electricians and other tradies turned successful business owners.

Most Listened Topics

  • Working huge hours and still no money in the bank
  • Standing out from the crowd in your industry
  • Trying to please everyone and saying “no”
  • Hesitating to delegate and lacking the confidence in your team
  • Habits that distract from success
  • Stepping up to manage the family tradie business
  • Recent Guests

  • Peter Hill – Hills Electrical
  • Corey King, SJM Plumbing Services
  • William Sawers – Plumbing Solutions
  • Nathan Kent – Laurence Plumbing Group
  • Malcolm Van De Graaff – Brizscapes Landscaping
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