Leading the podcast awareness and consumption in the Asia Pacific region, Australia is surpassing even the United States and other countries.

Podcasting is different in each country but why are there such disproportionate statistics in Australia?

What makes Australians more voracious producers and listeners of podcasting compared to others?

Estimated number who are aware of podcast in United States
Estimated number who are aware of podcast in Australia

5% growth is a promising trend for the future of podcasting in Australia

Answer: There is more massive, more prevalent and even increasing podcasting awareness.

Well-travelled, significantly experienced and highly cultivated, Australians have a wealth of ideas, insights and proficiencies that equate to a substantial hoard of content for podcasts. Combined with a rich heritage for storytelling, Australian podcasting is a treasure trove of information that is ready to be listened to, shared and turned viral.

Answer: With the right tools, expertise and training, there is an ability to turn these stories into engaging podcast content.

Never wanting to miss anything while being on the go, podcasts allows Australians access to current, intelligent and free content while performing other tasks. Whether they’re commuting to and from work, running in the park or walking the dog, podcasts give hands and eyes-free access to information.

Answer: Podcasts offer accessibility to specific, easy and free content made possible only by this medium.

Institutions and industries are also catching up to encourage and support the podcasting phenomenon in Australia. Universities across Australia are including podcasting in their curricula. Short courses on podcasting are now being offered. Professionals, small business and corporations are already building their podcast presence.

Answer: Podcasting is an acknowledged platform for knowledge sharing that is finding its way through education, marketing, corporate and professional channels

Established radio networks no longer have the monopoly in producing high quality and professionally edited podcasts. Australia benefits from a select few podcast producers that offer recording and post production services. Podcast production companies are now addressing the bottleneck between podcasters and listeners.

Answer: Independent companies make podcast production and publication easier

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