Podcasting – Nowhere to Go But Up

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Never has there been a better time to podcast than today.

Latest 2018 podcast research shows that for the past few years, the numbers of listeners, the frequency of listening and the loyalty to podcasts have been on the rise and show no signs of slowing down.

With podcasting trends getting better every year, you can’t overlook the potential of podcasting especially for yourself, your events, business or company.

Here are the most significant findings of the research and find out what they mean for your podcasting:

What kind of podcasts are they listening to?

Your listeners are looking for podcasts that interest, inform and keep them entertained. They listen to as many as 11 episodes per week and spending an average of 45 minutes listening.

What this means for you: Create podcast episodes that strike the perfect balance between information and entertainment. There is no set rule for the correct length but 30 to 45 minutes are the average listening time.

What kind of podcasts are they listening to?

Podcasts that offer listeners more content are one of the top reasons why they make a habit out of following and staying loyal to podcasts. Listeners also credit their increase awareness of what’s available in listening.

What this means for you: Entice your listeners with a variety of topics, opinions and angles. At the same time, make sure that your podcast is visible across digital and social media platforms.

Does my podcast have a chance?

As high as 33% of listeners have listened to a new podcast in a span of one week and almost 60% say that they are now listening to more podcasts compared to last year.

What this means for you: At the rate of podcast consumption, your podcast has a great chance to be picked up by new listeners. The key is to make your podcast stand out from the rest.

How can I better my podcast’s odds?

According to the research, it is the show notes or the podcast’s episode description, which convince them to press the Play button.

What this means for you: Never underestimate your show notes. Write your descriptions in such a way that catches attention and piques listeners’ curiosity.

Your customers, leads and target market are now listening to podcasts and are ready for more! Is your business ready to supply their demand?

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