RadioHub was invited to deliver a keynote presentation for the Academy of Entrepreneurs on 15 June 2021. The event was attended by young entrepreneurs from around the world.

Starting off the presentation, Cooper Silk, Co-founder and Managing Director of RadioHub, talked about his own entrepreneurial story, starting in the maritime industry then shifting his career to voluntary work on community radio. A pitch he delivered to global brand RODE microphones led him to create a podcast studio and soon co-founded RadioHub.

Cooper talked about three main points of why a podcast is an important tool for entrepreneurs. A podcast:

  • Establishes thought leadership, credibility and authority
  • Grows their sphere of influence, network and following
  • Sell products, services and complements their marketing efforts

Stories about two entrepreneurs, made successful in part because of their podcasts, were also shared with the listeners. These entrepreneurs have rich stories to tell through their podcasts, No Limitations and Sew Organised.

Cooper finished the presentation by sharing podcast clips, audiograms and other assets recorded and produced by RadioHub.

For more information on this presentation and on how you can leverage a podcast series for your enterprise, contact RadioHub at 1300.871.880 or or visit the studios at Alexandria, NSW.