Mabuhay from RadioHub- now also in the Philippines!

RadioHub was invited to the Philippines to present a full day podcast immersion session to the Kon-Vert business services team!

With the expert hands of our sound engineers, a podcast-ready studio was setup- complete with Zoom H5 Recorders, Duo-Capture, Procaster mics and more!

Topics covered during the session were:

  1. Brand positioning
  2. Content strategy
  3. Voice projection
  4. Interviewing techniques
  5. Recording equipment
  6. Editing
  7. Marketing and distribution

The progress we’ve made exceeded our expectations- we were able to conduct back-to-back classroom discussions and practical applications. At the end of the immersion day, the team was able to conceptualise, record and publish their very first podcast episode! What an exciting time for podcasting!

Never underestimate what you and your team can achieve in one day. RadioHub is conducting podcast immersion classes custom-made for every group and their podcasting objectives around Australia.

Our classes are developed for those who want to launch their podcast for their business, profile or thought leadership. If you are from media, communications, marketing or business development or simply interested in learning more about podcasting- check out how RadioHub can facilitate a podcast immersion class for you!

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