Whether the genre is education, gaming, lifestyle, technology, sports or news a podcast at its core, it is still a performance. This makes performing a crucial element that can make the difference between a casual listener and a loyal podcast subscriber.

Make yourself an even better podcast performer when you add these elements:


Books, plays or movies have plot lines that follow a sequence of events- from exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. These stages create anticipation, suspense, entertainment and most importantly drive the flow of the plot. Incorporate a similar sequence into your podcast to create the same effect. Engage your listeners, hold their attention and influence their decision when you create a story out of your topic.

Sound Design

Putting emphasis, setting the mood and building anticipation in podcasts can be achieved when your content is aided by sound effects. Though not a substitute, these audio cues can help you communicate messages that are best delivered – not by words – but by intros, outros, background music, effects and other audio assets.


While first time podcasters may feel comfortable reading and sticking to a script- work your way towards building more confidence. Instead of a script, choose talking points to help you avoid sounding too robotic and instead put more confidence and spontaneity in your conversations. When the flow of the conversation or topic allows it, feel free to ad lib. Remember, podcasts are meant to be conversational, almost a personal way of communicating with your listeners.


Not to be confused with slogans, which represents the podcast itself- catchphrases are the host’s own words and lines – in essence your audio signature. These are words or phrases that you can repeat throughout your podcasting to allow your listeners to associate, relate and remember your identity as the podcast host.

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