Featured Podcast of the Month

Pending Approval

This month’s featured podcast for May is “Pending Approval” brought to you by Media Precinct.

Pending Approval is a Monthly podcast covering the ups and downs of the business world seen through the lens of the media industry.


Hosted by Media Precinct’s, Managing Director Glenda Wynyard and Content Strategist Gorgia “Producer G” Brewer, each episode looks at trends in media, advertising and business with special guests across agencies, NFP’s, brand specialists and more.

Recent and Upcoming Episodes

In the latest episode the team sit down with Konica Minolta Australia’s, Marketing Manager Drew MacKinnon to discuss marketing, strategy, digital transformation and using data to better understand your audience.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

https://www.mediaprecinct.com.au/pending-approval-podcast /

RadioHub is proud to be a part of this podcast discussing business. For more information on how you can start a podcast, contact us at 1300-871-880 or info@radiohub.com.au and see you soon at the RadioHub studios.