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Podcast of the Week

RadioHub is proud to produce and introduce our featured podcast of the week, No Limitations by Blenheim Partners. This unique podcast offers listeners the opportunity to hear back-to-back episodes of rich content made possible by host Greg Robinson, Founder and Managing Partner of Blenheim Partners.

Podcast Overview

A series of podcasts with leading business men and women that stimulates discussions about the issues, opportunities and challenges confronting executives and directors in a rapidly changing global market… questions business leadership and whether it is challenging the status quo enough to create and deliver a more dynamic proposition for future growth.

Guests, Latest and Upcoming Episodes

“When you don’t have the time to go and do a course, instinct plays a role”

Brendon Cook, founder and Chief Executive Officer of oOh! Media. Brendon shares his journey from starting a traditional advertising business into Australia’s largest out-of-home digital media company. Brendon talks about the risks of setting up his own company, investing in innovation, research, technology and competing with Google and Facebook.

“…you can’t give back if you got nothing to give…”

Danny Gilbert, co-founder and Managing Partner of one of Australia’s top law firms, Gilbert and Tobin. Danny tells listeners about his ingredients to success, the marriage of Australian businesses and the government, social justice, pro bono work for the indigenous community and good corporate citizenship.

“By empowerment I mean that you don’t have the right to make a decision if you don’t have the right to make a mistake”

Roger Corbett, over 50 years of involvement in the retail industry. He occupied positions such as the CEO of Woolworths, Chairman of Fairfax Media, Directors of Wal-mart and the Reserve Bank of Australia. He is currently the Chairman of Mayne Pharma, Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group, Evista and Molopo Energy. He talks about the main ingredients of his success, the creation of workplace culture and the critical issues facing Australia today.

“Computers are good at the jobs we find hard and bad at the jobs we find easy”

Michael Priddis, internationally recognised thought leader on artificial intelligence. Michael discusses the A.I. and its impact on the current workforce and businesses in Australia. He confirms realities, debunks myths and guides listeners to the present reality of A.I.


Blenheim Partners is an elite international Executive Search and Board Advisory firm. They specialise in top-level executive search and board performance consulting. Founded in 2012, Blenheim Partners has been acting as a specialist adviser in performance, capability and succession planning for companies around the globe.


With over 18 years of experience in senior international executive appointments, Gregory Robinson has been an adviser to leading corporations from industries such as consumer retail, natural resources, infrastructure, industrial, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, financial services, health and sport. Greg started in marketing for an Australian radio network, a career in the military where he was awarded the Green Beret and he has been involved in Board Advisory and C-Level appointments in three continents.

Blenheim Partners & RadioHub

RadioHub is delighted to produce the No Limitations podcast. Our studios have been the venue of conversations between these leading men and women, who have achieved great success in their fields. We cannot wait to share the next podcast episodes that Blenheim Partners has prepared for you.

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