I first became aware of podcasts in 2009 when i stumbled across Spreaker.com

At the time most of the shows i liked were American and the majority of them in the long form format ( over 1hr long) I thought i could give it a “crack” so i pulled in 2 mates “Bush” and Bryan to create “ITN Sports” It was a light hearted sports podcast highlighting the events of the week. ITN stood for In The Nude..

Our podcast had a few subscribers and lasted around 6 months, before we pulled the pin due to work and family commitments.

It was 5 years later that i started podcasting again, this time for The Sydney Roosters Rugby League Club. We were the 1st podcast to be officially endorsed by a football club and still do the podcast to this day. Since then i have built a purpose built podcast studio and now produce podcasts for a living.

So what is my reason for sharing this with you? Had I realised the power of podcasting for growing business and engaging with your customers and audience, i would have started MUCH earlier!!

This blog is ALL about my learnings and the mistakes i have made along the way. I worked 2 years for virtually nothing but had the belief and desire to stick with it and make a living from podcasting. I don’t profess to knowing everything there is about podcasting, in fact i am still learning new stuff everyday!! However i hope that you may be able to learn from my mistakes and create a high quality podcast with great content and sound quality that will deliver a great show for your listeners and add value to your business.