Get more value out of your podcast by repurposing your podcast content into blog posts, shared articles or social media updates. Content marketing is a great strategy to augment your efforts to reach, engage and serve your clients. By converting your podcast content into written content, you add more assets to your marketing suite without having to start from scratch.

Here is why content marketing can make the difference on your business:


Traditional sales strategies are no longer as effective as before when pitched to the more discerning and digital clients and customers. Content allows your service or product to speak for itself without having to make a hard sell. With the right content, you can reach and engage your clients to pique their curiosity and to influence their decision-making.


Providing top notch content creates a valuable impression. The more you generate and share information, such as facts, stats, advice and recommendations, the more you can be seen as an expert or a thought leader on the field. As you gain their trust, clients become more receptive to your sales and business development efforts.


The minimal cost involved in generating content will definitely be outweighed by the long term returns of an article. An article published today will continue to drive leads to you well beyond the publication date. As long as your content remains updated, timely or relevant, expect your content marketing to fill your pipeline.


Aside from podcasts, your target clients can have more than one source of information. With content marketing, your marketing campaign can be made more digitally diverse. Be visible and accessible, whether you are on podcasts, blogs, social media, websites and other digital spaces.


The way that search engines work now, content marketing is definitely one of the tried and tested ways to boost and keep your ranking in search results. In lieu or in support of paid ads, keyword-rich content can help you become more visible whenever someone searches for topics that are related to your product or service.
Now that you know the “why’s” of content marketing, stay tuned for Part 2 to discover the “how’s”

RadioHub takes your podcast to the next level by matching your podcast with content material. From transcripts, show notes, ready to publish articles and other written material, every podcast episode is transformed to a complete suite of digital marketing assets.


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