Podcasts are only one part of a successful content marketing strategy. There are more than 10 individual pieces of content that you can repurpose to engage your audience. But you don’t have to start from scratch, in fact you are sitting on a gold mine of content that you can repurpose into captions, quotes, clips and other digital marketing assets.

We talked about knowing the perks of content marketing in Part 1 but knowing is one thing but actually doing it is a whole different story. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


Distributing a sound clip of your latest podcast episode, with eye-catching visuals and waveforms, animated text, GIFs and other enhancements can make your podcast easily shareable across different social media. Choosing the best excerpts or sound bytes can increase the chances of listeners being driven towards your podcast.


Creating a multi-slide and multi-format Instagram post to engage your listeners is another strategy to grow your marketing strategies. Consider taking pictures while you are recording, sharing sneak peaks to each episode and engaging your market with behind the scenes clips.


Pooling together the brief descriptions of previous and upcoming podcast episodes in your line up can be the source material for your newsletter. Send a monthly newsletter to your subscribers and tweak the descriptions a bit to make readers more curious and interested. Report achievements, celebrate milestones and share news of your success.


Editing your podcast transcripts can transform it a full-blown article. Organise every discussion point into paragraphs, every tip into bullet points and every question into a segue can net you a series of articles, which can be loaded into your podcast’s very own blog. You can even encourage discussion through commenting, sharing and reposting.

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