“A minimum of sound to a maximum of sense”
-Mark Twain

Which quote from a social media post piqued your curiosity?

What message from your mentor is stuck in your memory?

What line from a powerful speech heard months ago is still remembered?

These words that got stuck in your mind share something in common. They’re sound bites or sticky messages, statements that can communicate the core of your idea but with a dash of ingenuity, flair and imagination.

What It Is

Specific yet encompassing, simple yet thought provoking and succinct yet enticing, a sound bite is like a sticky message. It’s short audio clipped from your podcast that captures and summarises the essence of your podcast. A podcast sound bite is essentially the bait to make your listeners bite.

Why You Need It

The reality is attention spans are getting shorter, the competition is becoming tougher and the listeners are becoming more selective. With so much content available and podcasts vying for the attention of your target listeners, a sound bite can reel them towards your podcast, make your content memorable and keep them coming back for more.

What are the best practices in making a great sound bite?

A Goldfish’s Attention

Microsoft commissioned a study that suggests humans have an average attention span of 8 seconds, less than a goldfish that can last for 9 seconds. Beyond the 8 seconds, we tend to listen to something else. Other research suggests that past 15 minutes, our attention wanes when we listen.

Best Practice: Given these statistics, you need sound bites that can grab and take hold of your listeners’ attention in the first 15 minutes of your podcast.

A Drop in the Ocean

There are over half a million podcasts published and the number is growing. If your podcast belongs to a particularly competitive genre, it becomes even more important that you make your podcast stand out. Sound bites can give you the edge that you need to grab the attention of your listeners.

Best Practice: Create sound bites that are different from your competitors- have a unique take, angle or spin on an old truth. Say something that is provocative, vivid, or direct that challenges something conventional. Use the law of triples, metaphors, paradoxes and rhymes.

Podcast Savvy Listeners

There are around 3.5 million listeners and the average podcast listener is primarily 18 to 34 years of age, earns more than 150k, employed and well educated. They know exactly what they want, listen to something immediately when they are interested and are likely to listen to entire podcast.

Best Practice: The content of your podcast is one thing but the packaging is another. From an audiogram, show notes, transcripts, to social media distribution; these are just few of the details that a listener is expecting.

RadioHub- Making Great Sound Bites for Podcasters

Sound bites are crucial elements of your podcast but you need not be stressed in making them! RadioHub has been partnering with podcasters in creating great, polished and effective sound bites. At RadioHub, we do more than just podcasting recording, we add value to your podcasts!

Get Heard!

RadioHub provides podcasters:
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Post Production – cut dead airs, remove background noise and rearrange clips. RadioHub makes your recording professional, polished and ready to be published. Add intros, outros, sound effects or live streaming with your podcast and sound like a pro.

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