Live Stream Your Webinars with RadioHub

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Create professionally produced webinars and webcasts with RadioHub

 Live Stream Your Webinars with RadioHub

With limitations on face-to-face gatherings, onsite and off-site work and other flexible training arrangements, webinars are becoming the go-to platform for educational sessions, video presentations, seminars and workshops. Live sessions, made possible by webinars, allow for interactions that are real-time and watched from the comforts of your home or office.

What Webinars Do

From your Powerpoint presentations, video clips, electronic whiteboard and other documents, you can share and stream these files to your trainees, sales leads, employees or other audiences. You can achieve objectives such as building thought leadership, demonstrating products or services, onboarding new employees and training current ones, creating brand awareness and more.

Why Make Webinars

Face-to-face events require additional layers of preparation, cost, logistics and a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make them possible. With webinars, there are no travel requirements, venue rentals, meals, maximum capacity concerns and minimal support needed. You can host your webinar and your audience can watch right from the comforts of your own home, workstation or wherever you feel safe to attend the webinar. Plus, you can record, replay and repurpose portions or the full content of your webinar, especially useful for evergreen topics.

Which Webinar Format Works

Live video presentations are just one of the many formats a webinar can be done. You can tweak your webinar to include content such as interactive whiteboards, polls, surveys and other Q&A, text-based chat, virtual games and more. These customisations are usually difficult to create on traditional meetings but very easy to implement through webinars.

How to Start a Webinar

RadioHub Studios are fully equipped with everything you need to live stream your webinar or record your webcast. From HD video cameras, top-of-the-line audio devices, green screens, full online connectivity, to sound-proofed walls, you have every device you need to make the best webinar experience for your audience.

Whether it is your first time to launch a webinar or you are ready to live stream your next series, the Radiohub Team is more than ready to help you every step of the way from concept development, launch to analytics. Contact RadioHub for professionally created webinars.

“Thanks to RadioHubAU for use of their facilities and their great team in supporting the delivery of the course.”

-Colin McCrorey, Risk Management Specialist, VICTOREM the Institute of Risk Management Virtual Fundamentals of Risk Management Course (FoRM)