Far reaching communication, easy content sharing and low cost tools have paved the way for small and medium businesses to compete even with the larger and more established corporations. SMEs now have a similar access to the market and tools that were only once under the purview of multinationals.

There are many technologies that contribute to the levelling of the playing field- from automation, offshoring to social media. These technologies create efficiencies in effort, cost and time. One of the best examples of a technology that is being maximised by SMEs is podcasting. What makes podcasting a great asset for SMEs?

  1. Better cost efficiencies
  2. Faster turnovers
  3. Increasing consumption

Traditionally, broadcasting involved huge budgets often reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars to create. Podcasts offer a relatively cost efficient means of promoting your brand, business, products and services across a variety of demographics.

What takes months and years to develop, podcasts only require a few days and weeks and you are all set. From developing your podcast concept, recording, editing all the way to publishing, podcasts give you the option of faster turnovers. The more top quality content you produce, the more expansive your reach becomes.

Based on the current trends, Australia is one of the most voracious consumers of podcasts. The upward trend in podcast listenership has made podcasting for businesses a platform too effective to ignore. Reaching your targeted customers with your customised content is made even more possible.

Startups and SMEs are now learning to leverage the technology available to capture their share of the market. RadioHub supports the growth of Australian SMEs through podcasting. With RadioHub- podcasting has never been easier to create, better to record with and more efficient in publishing!

Find out how you can compete with large businesses and launch your very own podcast in just one day!

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