Congratulations! You’ve completed your podcast recording so what’s next? Executing a digital distribution plan for your podcast can make the difference in getting yourself heard by more listeners. Here is how you can start:


Develop your assets

Images, video clips and web pages should be in your marketing suite of podcast assets. These can be easily posted and shared across different social media channels. A great example of an asset that puts together images and videos, along with a sound clip of your podcast is an audiogram.

An audiogram is a visually appealing asset with waveforms, text animations and different kinds of media, like images or videos, audiograms are still one of the best ways to distribute a clip of your latest episode easily on your platforms.


Repurpose your podcast content

Your transcript, discussion points or list of topics can be repurposed to a set of written assets. From short captions, quotes, taglines to whole articles, blogposts and newsletters not only work as a supplement to your distribution plan but also boost your podcast’s searchability.

A great asset that condenses your podcast into a written format is a shownote. With shownotes, you can pique the curiosity of potential listeners with summaries of the podcasting content, quotes, key points, insights and opinions. You can also offer links, resources, people or products that were mentioned during the podcast.


Share existing materials

RadioHub has more in store for your podcast! For your podcast, we will create links through the website, a section in the monthly newsletter, a featured podcast in our blog and several posts in our social media channels, such as Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

The RadioHub Team will tag you, your guests and podcasts. All you have to do is share the assets that you were tagged in through your own social media channels. Feel free to download, edit, share and distribute these assets for your own use!

Want to take your podcast to the next level? RadioHub is your one stop shop for all of your podcast distribution needs.

Contact us on how we can repurpose your podcast content into a whole suite of digital assets that are ready to post and easy to share.