We’ve all heard it- podcasting is a great marketing strategy for businesses but is it right for your business?

Podcasts span across multiple genres and represent different industries but its impact varies from one business to another. So which businesses are positioned to benefit the most from podcasting?


Your business needs to go through layers of gatekeepers

When you and your business are constantly bogged down by red tape, bureaucracy or gatekeepers, podcasts may prove to be the solution to bypass these barriers and reach decision-makers. Interviews, done through podcasts, are well-received by executives and directors because it gives them the opportunity to be heard by a larger and usually unreached demographic. You can use this “Trojan horse” method of getting your foot through the corporate door.


Your business offers professional or high-end services

If you are in the business of providing professional or high-end services, such as financial, legal, real-estate, consultancy, training or other similar services, then podcasting works best for your business. The market for these services look for thought leaders, who create educational, targeted and even niched information that are directed toward their own pain points, business forecasts and industry trends.


Your business has a long onboarding process

If you are in a business where you rely on a long onboarding process and more hand-holding before leads turn into clients then podcasts are a great fit. Your podcast and its episodes create a following, where leads can come back to listen episode after episode. By the time they have listened to the episodes, they would be more primed for the sales conversion process, saving you time and resources.


Your business is time-poor but knowledge-rich

If you do not have the time to reach out to each of your market but have the capability to add value the podcasts work best for your business. With the right podcasting partner, all you have to do is to gather your thoughts and talk. Studio equipment, audio editing, producing all the way to publishing and promotion can be completed by a one-stop podcast production studio.

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