During these uncertain times, the clamour for facts instead of fiction, for clarity instead of confusion and for true instead of fake news, is required. If communication is inaccessible, delayed or contradicting then it has the potential to misdirect, misrepresent or misinform.

Currently, Australia and the rest of the world are experiencing quarantines and lockdowns that are unprecedented in modern times. As a result, there is an abundance of information relayed from one person to a group, one source to another channel and one reference to another material. There is an increased risk for tainted information that can only be solved when there is a single standardised source of legitimate information.

Internal communications strategies are widely used and have been proven effective in the corporate world. Through internal comms, companies have been solving challenges that cause misinformation:

  • Mass emails or written messages that are missed, misread or read too late
  • Costly or disruptive meetings where attention and retention are low
  • Relay of messages from one person to another can change the feeling, tone and make it impersonal

With internal communication strategies, the same issues on misinformation that derail efforts towards public health today can be solved. Technology-driven internal comms can:

  • Create a direct communication line between top executives or management with employees, teams, customers and clients
  • Develop meaningful connections between stakeholders
  • Bridge the generation gap through the use of technology that appeals to an ever increasing young workforce
  • Boost morale, improve compliance and actually achieve communication objectives
  • Make efficient use of resources: effort, money and time, especially with technology-based tools

At RadioHub we believe “Private Podcasts” are one of the most well-received internal communication strategies being deployed by organisations of all sizes. Whether it is a large multinational rolling out a message from headquarters to its employees worldwide or a smaller organisation needing to ensure the message around safety and working from home is understood and received, private podcasts are cost and time-efficient in all stages of production and achieve the necessary outcome.

In these challenging times the ability of leadership to communicate regularly, clearly and with consistency will in many cases be the difference between success or failure of an organisation.
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