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If You Don’t Mind by Madelaine Cherrington

To celebrate Men’s Health Week, RadioHub puts the focus on an important yet often overlooked aspect of health- mental health.

One of the most pressing health issues of our time, mental health, is addressed in RadioHub’s featured podcast of the month, If You Don’t Mind by Madelaine Cherrington.

Madelaine talks to young people about depression, anxiety, gender dysphoria, stressors, self-harm and more. Each episode allows guests to share their experiences and personal successes in maintaining their mental health in their daily lives.

Did you know that you may have a mental health issue and not know about it?

6 Indicators that Point to a Mental Illness

The World Health Organisation estimates that 350 million people around the world is suffering from a mental health issue but not all of these people know that it is time for them to reach out for help. Here are 6 signs that you need to be on the lookout for, which may point to a mental health issue:

1. Unexplainable physical aches

Are you experiencing an upset stomach, an aching muscle, a soreness or generalised feelings of weakness that you can’t seem to explain? Our physical body tries to warn us of mental health issues through these ailments.

2. Lack of enjoyment and motivation

Called anhedonia, when you seem unable to find pleasure or enjoyment from people, experiences or events that you previously found enjoyable, is also a sign pointing to a mental health issue.

3. Lowered productivity

Dragging yourself to work, missing deadlines, forgetting appointments or poorer quality of outputs are some examples of lowered productivity. Performance in the workplace often suffers when a person is experiencing mental health issues.

4. Withdrawal from social life

Personal relationships with family, friends and loved ones often suffer when there is a mental health issue. Feelings of disconnection to current relationships and preference to avoid rather than engage in new relationships are also signs.

5. Irritable and combative

When you can’t even let the little things slide, pick petty fights or feel a lack of empathy, these can also be signs of a mental health issue. More and more things bother you, your patience is always stretched and less compassion for others are also indicators of a decline in mental health.

6. Erratic sleeping patterns

One of the first and most obvious signs when a person is experiencing mental health issues are changes in sleep. Difficulty falling asleep or waking up in the middle of your sleep are also signs. Nightmares, often with recurring themes, also point out to mental health issues.

Listen to If You Don’t Mind and gain more insights on how you can take care of your mental health. Head to:


RadioHub is proud to partner with If You Don’t Mind and Madelaine in supporting mental health.

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