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I am Still Learning

By September 11, 2019 2 Comments

Featured Podcast of the Month

I am still learning

September’s podcast of the month “I am still learning” is hosted by the energetic and always professional Ronan Mac Domhnaill. Founder and CEO of Cred. Ronan created this podcast in a bid to promote three new habits; the habit of learning, the habit of mental health and wellbeing, and the habit of giving.

One of the first things that Ronan will tell you is that Cred is the Irish word for believe, and he carries that sentiment of belief with him wherever he goes. “I’m Still Learning” is just that, a light hearted podcast that aims to inspire without preaching.

Having worked closely with interns Matt Lane and Mat Jackson over the past few months Ronan has allowed them to communicate their ideas and grow with them as the show does too.

I promise, you’ll initially listen for the surprisingly satisfying Irish accent, but stay for the engaging and thought provoking conversations. Ronan’s guests are leaders, pushing the envelope of what hard work really means, and most importantly they resonate with Cred’s values. “I’m Still Learning” tells us it’s okay to fall down in life, just get back up, and you may as well pick someone up while you’re at it right?

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