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Introducing a paradigm shift in insurance, the GSA Little Blue Book Podcast changes the way you look at insurance. From intimate conversations with a world-record breaking cyclist, the youngest ever Parliamentarian to a dual premiership winning coach, this podcast shows the passion and innovation that makes GSA different from the rest.


Tracing its roots from 1990, GSA has grown to be a multi-awarded team of more than 75 professionals, who bring in accountability, performance, service and specialisation. Today GSA continues to support various charities, NFPs and organisations.

Podcast Overview

Listeners cannot help but feel engaged, inspired and challenged when they hear from the stories and conversations between GSA CEO, Paul Hines and guests. Get to know the stories of:

Dr. Ben Rockett, a world record breaking endurance cyclist, who after experiencing traumatic events led him in his work in expressive therapy for children.

Wyatt Roy, the youngest ever Federal Parliamentarian in history, who was also appointed as Assistant Minister for Innovation. He talks about his lessons and experiences both in the public and private sectors.

Trent Robinson, the Head Coach of Sydney Roosters, who has lead the Roosters to dual premiership victories. Trent talks about the story behind his life defining decision to play Rugby league, his relationship with his players and his passion for the sport.

Check out the next episodes of the Little Blue Book podcast and hear more from guests, who might inspire you in making your next life-changing decisions.

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