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Generally Speaking by RACGP and sponsored by CommBank

As we all experience the global health crisis brought about by COVID-19, information, coming from health experts and credible professionals, is now more important than ever. Listening to GPs, who have firsthand experience from their clinics and the field, offers us a glimpse of what is really happening across general practice.

Join the conversation with Dr Gill Singleton, Dr Billy Stoupas and their guests who share their subject matter expertise on recent issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health, medical developments, patient stories, community health and general practise.

Listen to the podcast here:

About the Hosts

Dr. Gillian Singleton (MBBS(Hons) FRACGP FARGP MPH)
Gill Singleton is a GP with a passion for social justice and public health. She is the Medical Director of the Cabrini Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health Club in Melbourne and runs a medtech start up.

Dr. Billy Stoupas (FRACGP)
Billy is a GP who also holds a Diploma of Child Health and Clinical Diploma of Palliative Medicine. Even though he’s a cradle-to-grave GP he is passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of the elderly by getting to know them and helping them through the next stages of life.


The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is Australia’s largest professional general practice organisation and represents urban and rural general practitioners. The RACGP’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of all people in Australia by supporting GPs, general practice registrars and medical students.

Podcast Topics

  • COVID-19
  • Business Resilience 
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Telehealth
  • Aged Care
  • Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Mental Health
  • Owning a Practice

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