Cooper “Silky” Silk

Managing Director | Podcast Producer | Professional Host and Anchor

As the lead producer at RadioHub, Cooper works alongside clients such as Westpac, GSA Insurance, The Sydney Roosters and Blenheim Partners Executive Search and Advisory Firm.

Cooper along with his team of audio engineers and editors works with all of our corporate clients to provide high quality content which is then distributed to their customers and audience.

He is passionate about adding value in communication and in creating a medium into which clients reach their target market and achieve their business objectives.

In his spare time Cooper is the organiser of the Sydney Podcast Meetup Group. He is also one of the judges of the Australian Podcast Awards. Recently, Cooper was invited to the Philippines to present a full day podcast immersion session to the Kon-Vert business services team.

His latest endeavour is creating audio and video solutions for internal comms, reporting, compliance and risk mitigation for companies. These solutions are the perfect match for employees that are spread across geographical locals, time zones, shifts and cross functional teams.

With a proven track record of working in the podcast industry, skilled in negotiation, coaching, documentaries and outside broadcast, Cooper adds value for the growing network of podcasters in Australia.

“Cooper is not only one of Australia’s top experts in podcasting, his welcoming generosity means the moment you walk into RadioHub you’re not just a client, you’re part of the incredible RadioHub community and your world continues to open up”

-Nicole Hatherly, Director, Brand True North

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