Iain Wilson

Audio Story Production l Podcast Editing I Training

From podcasts, audio stories, radio documentaries – to sourcing music and sound effects, Iain is instrumental in producing some of the best podcast episodes and series of RadioHub. From technology to corporate podcasts, Iain customises his production approach to meet the requirements of the podcast.

Together with the RadioHub team of audio engineers, Iain consistently delivers high-quality content ready for distribution. He adds value to his work by producing podcasts that are backed by the latest developments in podcasting theory and sound design, as well as keeping an eye on what is happening in other fields, like film and television.

He started his career in podcasting as a radio producer in community radio back in the 1990s, where he learnt how to prepare and present live shows, program music and write entertainment guides, prepare interviews with guests, and produce announcements and stand-alone segments.

His main interest has been in making fictional audio stories, where he sources original music and makes field recordings to help with the sound design.

Iain also edits a wide range of other digital assets, such as photos, videos and articles. He collects social media statistics and trains other producers in the use of the newest podcasting technology and software.

RadioHub is proud to have Iain in the team!

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