Experience the latest in podcasting technology and tools with RadioHub!

RadioHub knows that technology is crucial and can make the difference in the flow, quality and reach of your podcasts. For the second time this year, RadioHub has upgraded its studios to meet the high standards of our podcasting clientele and listeners.

Here are some of the latest additions to our tech and tools:

RØDE Procaster

RadioHub added more Procasters to the studios and field because of its performance in top quality recording and ambient noise rejection. This console is favourite among podcasters and producers because editing recordings are made easier and yield better results.


With the current limitations of social media platforms preventing uploading of audio files- audiograms are still one of the best ways to distribute a clip of your latest podcast episode. A visually appealing podcast audiogram can increase the probability of podcast listening and improve your engagement with customers. RadioHub creates audiograms so that your podcast gains the attention it deserves. Your audiogram can have waveforms, text animations and different kinds of media, like GIFs, images or videos so you can share clips of your episodes across social media.

Zoom H6

The flagship recorder of Zoom, the H6 is currently the most advanced portable recorder. With its input capsules that are interchangeable for different stereo mics, the H6 is perfect for achieving professional recording when at an event or even outside the studio. This is RadioHub’s go-to device for helping busy podcasters who need to record in an office, boardroom or even cafe!

Do your podcasting content justice by recording it on RadioHub’s professionally built studios and by improving it through RadioHub’s expert engineers and producers.

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