The Woot and Wye Show - Championship Sunday & Doritos

Woot and Wye spend the first 38 minutes of the 106th edition of The Woot and Wye Show recapping the AFC and NFC championship games in particular the MVP performances by both Von Miller and Cam Newton, the greatness of Gronk, a woeful Cam Newton prediction from 2011 and #TabletGate. Christian Shanafelt from NFL Draft Bible joins the show to talk about the Shrine Game (38:00). The show finishes with a chat with Peter Carstairs, the director of #DoritosBaby which is one of three finalists in Doritos #CrashTheSuperBowl campaign. Peter is aiming to be the first Australia to ever win the competition and have his commercial air during Super Bowl 50. (52:00). You can vote for Doritos Baby daily every device you own up until January 31: