WLF Radio: @Four_Nations - Robbie Farah interview

WLF Radio: @Four_Nations - Robbie Farah interview

From Sofitel Brisbane, October 17 2014. Follow @Four_Nations

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This is a paragraph of text which has all the most common html elements in it such as the strong element which is used to give text strong importance. You could of course use the b element which represents a span of text stylistically different from normal text, without conveying any special importance or relevance. The mark element which represents highlighted text, i.e., a run of text marked for reference purposes. The HTML em element marks text that has stress emphasis. You could of course use the i element which represents a range of text that is set off from the normal text for some reason, for example, technical terms, foreign language phrases, or fictional character thoughts. It is typically displayed in italic type. The next piece of text is marked up using the code element function() and finally links will be styled like this.

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