Happy International Podcast Day!

Around the world, podcasters, listeners and enthusiasts are celebrating the power of podcasts! Since 2015 the organisers of Podcast Day have been broadcasting hundreds of hours of podcasts recorded by industry leaders, subject matter experts, entertainers and more. From personal experiences, professional advice to global news, the diversity of genres gives you the niche you need to start your podcast.

Get involved in the celebration of International Podcast Day by recording your content in your own DIY recording studio! Here are a few tips on how you can do this at home:

Pick your area

The best place for your studio is anywhere you feel comfortable, easily accessible and most importantly, enjoyable. You will need a quiet space with enough floor or surface area for your recording equipment, podcast guests, soundproofing and furniture.

Soundproof the area

Minimise your soundproofing efforts by choosing a space that has irregular surfaces or walls, instead of flat ones and find an area that has soft furnishings like carpet and curtains. A high ceiling helps also. If you have any flat or even surfaces, move some furniture into the area, a few chairs, carpets, bookcase or other similar furniture will work well in the absence of professional soundproofing materials. Soundproofing helps in reducing echo, diffusing sound and insulating your studio from outside noise.

Install recording software

Start off with free software and upgrade to a premium version as you progress through your podcasting journey. Audacity and GarageBand are great starter softwares before considering Pro Tools and Adobe Audition when you are ready for more recording and editing features.

Choose a starter equipment

The basic equipment you need for your DIY recording studio will be headphones, USB microphone and speakers. Dynamic and condenser microphones are always great options. If possible invest in an audio interface like the Rodecaster Pro.

Recording a podcast from your DIY recording studio is a great way to experience and celebrate podcasting. If you are looking to upgrade your recording experience whether from your home or workplace, RadioHub producers can offer you professional advice and insider tips to help set up your own recording studio.

From all the team at RadioHub – Happy International Podcast Day!