Last month, we were challenged by a very interesting statistic from the Infinite Dial Australia Study, by Edison Research. While Australia leads the world in podcast awareness, only 30% of Australians actually listen.

Why is there a gap between those who are aware and those who have actually listened to a podcast? Part 1 of this article answered the gap and now in Part 2, we want to share with you how you can create podcasting content that can convert awareness into listening.

Make it easy to find

Keep your content simple, easily searchable and shared. Choose your words wisely, especially in the podcast description. Maximise keywords to your advantage instead of using jargon, use shared vocabulary. Use keywords being used by the industry, genre or niche of your podcast.

Create original content

Pain points still unaddressed, fresh perspectives on an old topic, a new trend yet to be understood or an unexplored niche are just some of the many ways you can make your podcast stand out among others. Tap into an unexplored listener segment.

Produce quality sound design

Intros, outros, music beds, stingers, transitions and other sound effects create a sound design that sets the tone, flow and pace of your podcast. Enhancing your content with an expertly designed sound profile can define your sound brand and showcase your sonic personality.

Upload on schedule

Commit to a regular schedule and actively upload episodes. You create anticipation when listeners see consistency on your episodes, sound design and podcasting content. Express your brand across all touchpoints of your episode to build rapport and to create engagement.

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