Bridging The Gap Between Podcast Awareness and Listening

At 83%, Australia is leading the world in podcast awareness but only 30% of Aussies have actually listened to a podcast. Why is there a gap between awareness and listening?

Is it because of technology?

No. Aussies are no stranger to streaming, with Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Youtube and Soundcloud being accessed through mobile devices, smart speakers and smart phones.

Is it because of lack of information?

No. Almost 99% of Aussies have a Facebook account, 96% have Twitter, 96% have Instagram. The Aussie market has pushed podcast awareness across these digital platforms to reach and to inform target listeners. There is no shortage of information in podcasting.

Is it over saturated?

No. While there are over half a million podcasts, streaming and downloads are on an upward trend. Listeners want to know what is happening, what is new and what everybody else knows. The demand podcasts to keep listeners updated show no signs of waning.

Is it the death of radio?

No. In fact, experts call this the golden age of audio. With multiple platforms making themselves available to host, distribute and collaborate digital audio assets, listeners have a wide range of options to access podcasts.

So what is the answer?

Content – Aussie listeners are looking for the next podcast hit and they want premium and original podcast content. What is a podcast hit? What are the elements of a podcast hit? How can you build a fan-base? How can you develop quality listenership?

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we get into detail on how you can create podcasting content that converts awareness into listening.


Infinite Dial Australia Study, by Edison Research, presented by President Larry Rosin at the Inaugural Mumbrella Audioland Conference, 2 May 2019


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