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Workplace relations is now easier and more manageable because of the Better Business Podcast.  Each episode is packed with practical tips, advice and strategies to help small business owners address the big issues in their workplace.

The podcast features in-depth conversations to help listeners navigate through Australia’s workplace relations system. Through the podcast, employers get to hear specialised advice, immediate solutions and insightful answers to workplace relations’ most asked questions.


Employsure is Australia and New Zealand’s leading workplace relations specialist. It builds better businesses by providing access to comprehensive, quality, honest advice and support. Podcast listeners are empowered with knowledge and strategies to create and ensure a fair and safe workplace.

Podcast Overview

The latest information on changes to legislation and workplace relations frameworks are translated into professionally produced podcast episodes. Episodes cover topics such as:

    • Managing millenials
    • Mental health in the workplace
    • Time management
    • Business niche
    • Social selling
    • Leaves, medical certificates and more

Each episode offers listeners strategic, timely and most importantly actionable information in the form of discussions and Q&A forum with guests.

Get expert advice on how you can better your business and workplace with the Better Business Podcast!

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