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With team members working in isolation and removed from their usual working environment, the need for internal communications is more significant than ever.

Here are more strategies on how you can create and refine your internal communication strategy.

Select communication advocates

Directors, CEOs and other top level executives are usually the go-to speakers for internal communications. Consider selecting team members who have strong influencing skills and those who can promote your messages across all levels of the organisation. These team members are not just those who are occupying managerial roles but those who are seen as respected employees, subject matter experts and frontliners.

Identify bottlenecks

What is the source of miscommunication? What message is difficult to relay? Which media work and which do not? Which listeners are more receptive to which style of speaker? When you identify bottlenecks in communications, you are in a better position to design your internal comms strategies as solutions to the bottlenecks.

Customise per group

Listeners become more receptive to communication when they can identify with the speaker, relate with the topic or put into context the messages to them. Tailor your messages with a specific set of team members in mind, such as those who share the same role, tools, accountabilities or situation.

Build a resource hub

Maximise the full potential of your internal communication by organising your messages and media into a resource hub. From a compilation of recorded onboarding episodes, messages from the CEOs, safety briefings and training your internal communication strategies can easily be converted to your company’s digital library.

Diversify your format

Not all of your internal communications need to revolve around one speaker. Have your team members host a conversation with the safety officer. Record a panel discussion with people working across different projects. Invite a resource person who can offer objective input to an ongoing office challenge. Categorise messages that are best delivered as entertaining, lively and inspiring communiques. Match your communication strategy to your company culture.

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